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The Brilliance of Riomaggiore

June 30, 2018  •  3 Comments

I have some close friends that just came back from a trip to Italy and it inspired me to do some reminiscing. This is one of my favorite photos of Italy...Riomaggiore in Cinque Terre. The set up for the shot is across the harbor on the rocks that look to the village. There is a nice large walkway but that didn't offer the best vantage point. I climbed onto the rocks to get the perspective that I needed. I went to photograph about an hour before sunset thinking this was plenty of time to set up. What I didn't realize is that the area is always packed with people waiting to experience the beautiful sunset. When I say packed...I mean packed! People everywhere!!! I climbed onto the rocks making my way between tourists, villagers, lovers, etc. and eventually found a nice clear spot. It was a difficult set up as the rocks were very uneven; a lot of effort was required to keep me and the tripod from falling down into the harbor below. There was a beautiful breeze and the air was filled with laughter and people just enjoying life! It was just one of those evenings I'll never forget. And, to boot, Mother Nature was good to me that evening as the sky began to burst with color as the sun made its way to the horizon. Here you have it:



Niki Spitzer(non-registered)
Magnificent capture of color & Sunset. I would do love to go there‼️
Arlene Kahn(non-registered)
I'd say that the effort it took to capture this view was more than worth it.
Absolutely stunning. How on earth did you manage the balance between the brilliant colors of the sky and those of the township.
SANDRA P GREENBLATT(non-registered)
We loved Cinque Terra! Gorgeous shot! Glad you didn't fall in!
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