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The Essence of Youth......

April 15, 2018  •  2 Comments

In my mind, there is no other image in my portfolio that captures the essence of youth like the one below. This is another instance of serendipity entering into the photographic experience and I just love when this happens.  This image was captured on the tiny island of Burano, which lies just off of the coast of Venice, Italy.  While walking along a street of brightly colored buildings, I noticed 2 very young girls playing and laughing in front of me. With camera in hand, I focused on these kids hoping for a nice composition to develop in my viewfinder. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, another young girl skips past me and turns down the alleyway that is right next to me. As she turned, I followed her with my camera and only had enough time to click off 3 frames. The photo below is the only one that came out and boy did I feel lucky when I viewed the photos on my computer later that evening. The negative space of the shadow and the blue wall create a frame of the girl. The light beautifully accentuates the flowing dress and what a coincidence that the color of the dress actually matches the blue wall perfectly. The crumbling area of the wall adds a dimension of timelessness. The skipping and bouncing hair of the girl creates such a wonderful carefree vibe. Whenever I view this image, the feeling always returns...ahhh....to be young again!!!



Curt Rosner Photography
Thanks, Sandra
Greenblatt Sandra Esq.(non-registered)
I agree! Great color and joy!
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