Curt Rosner Photography: Blog en-us (C) Curt Rosner Photography (Curt Rosner Photography) Sun, 15 Jul 2018 16:32:00 GMT Sun, 15 Jul 2018 16:32:00 GMT Curt Rosner Photography: Blog 87 120 No Rain in this Forecast Coral Gables installed a new art project in the Geralda Plaza entitled "Umbrella Sky". Wow! You just have to love the vivid colors against the beautiful deep blue sky.


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The Brilliance of Riomaggiore I have some close friends that just came back from a trip to Italy and it inspired me to do some reminiscing. This is one of my favorite photos of Italy...Riomaggiore in Cinque Terre. The set up for the shot is across the harbor on the rocks that look to the village. There is a nice large walkway but that didn't offer the best vantage point. I climbed onto the rocks to get the perspective that I needed. I went to photograph about an hour before sunset thinking this was plenty of time to set up. What I didn't realize is that the area is always packed with people waiting to experience the beautiful sunset. When I say packed...I mean packed! People everywhere!!! I climbed onto the rocks making my way between tourists, villagers, lovers, etc. and eventually found a nice clear spot. It was a difficult set up as the rocks were very uneven; a lot of effort was required to keep me and the tripod from falling down into the harbor below. There was a beautiful breeze and the air was filled with laughter and people just enjoying life! It was just one of those evenings I'll never forget. And, to boot, Mother Nature was good to me that evening as the sky began to burst with color as the sun made its way to the horizon. Here you have it:


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Can't Get Enough of New York City....... I was in New York two weeks ago for a long weekend of fun, shows and photographing. My New York photo portfolio was void of an image from Radio City Music Hall so I thought I would resolve that problem while there. Radio City Music Hall is a night shot without a doubt; the colorful bright lights bring life to such an image. Here's one of my photos from that evening: 








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When Patience Pays...... In planning a trip to Rhode Island, I came across images of the Castle Hill Lighthouse and decided that I wanted a shot for my portfolio. It was a quick drive to the location and then a short walk through some trees and there it was....the Castle Hill Lighthouse. What was also there was a cloudy overcast sky which was going to yield zero color at sunset. I debated whether to set up or chalk the evening up to a bust. Well, since I was already there, I opted to stay and set up the tripod and camera for some shooting. It was a bit challenging as I had to set up on slippery rocks that were not flat but rather angled. There was a slight chill in the air but no rain in sight. I waited for sunset and things just weren't developing. I decided to exercise some patience and hang in there. As I watched out over the water, slowly the clouds began to open providing a window for the rays from the setting sun. The light from the lighthouse went on and low and behold beautiful color began to appear. The color intensified and soon the water and rocks were bathed in a beautiful pink cast. The final result is what you see below. I composed the shot so as to include the rocks as a foreground leading you to the lighthouse. Patience is a virtue..... 


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Do April Showers Bring May Flowers? Well, here in Miami, we wouldn't know the answer to that question; it hasn't stopped raining for the entire month of May! The photo below is to remind us that there is a silver lining to the rain! This is an image from my portfolio that was taken down in the Redlands, which is near Homestead, Florida. I shot a number of images on that particular morning with a beautiful deep blue sky and white puffy clouds. Yes, we do have sunflower fields here in Miami. All of a sudden while I was shooting, dark clouds rolled in followed by a torrential downpour. I prefer the image below with the dark foreboding sky that was building as it is more compelling in my opinion than the earlier images with puffy white clouds. I have shot in this field many times but this was the only occasion where there was only one predominant sunflower that stood out among the rest. I included the row of soil in the middle of the photo to give depth to the image. I also used fill flash that was powered up to counter the strong sun. The fill flash was used to accentuate the detail in the sunflower itself.  

Sole FlowerSole Flower





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What Do You Do When it Rains in Dublin? Well, one thought is to go photographing! Dublin has become one of my favorite European cities with its friendly people, great culture and endless things to photograph. My last day in Dublin was a dreary rainy day so I had to make lemonade out of lemons. I remembered the cobblestone street in front of The St. James's Gate at the Guinness Brewery. It is a perfect place to photograph in the rain as the water creates great reflections and highlights the texture of the stone. I patiently waited in the rain until someone interesting walked by as I wanted to add an element of interest in the image. After about 15 minutes, this pedestrian with a bright pink umbrella appeared out of nowhere. I crouched low to the ground in composing the shot and created leading lines with the train tracks and yellow lines. I think it was worth getting soaked to capture this image!


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Sunrise at Horseshoe Bend I didn't know if I would be able to muster up the courage to get the shot......

I spent some time researching how to shoot Horseshoe Bend in Paige, Arizona. I learned from my research that my tripod would need to be set up at the very edge of the ledge of the canyon. When I say the very edge, I mean the very edge. In order to capture the complete circle of water, the tripod could not be set back at all or my foreground would have included part of the ledge of the canyon and not the water below. The reason for my reticence was that there is no railing to prevent a fall down the 1,500 foot canyon. Horseshoe Bend had been on my bucket list for quite some time and I had to give it a shot. I arrived at the site at about 4:30 AM. Once I was standing near the edge of the canyon, the sheer awe of this mystical place turned my anxiety into exhilaration. Although I never let my guard down, I lost the fear and could not wait to begin shooting. As the sun rose behind me, the far edge of the canyon lit up a brilliant orange. Spell binding is the only description I can offer. I was in awe standing at the top of the canyon surrounded by what I would consider one of the wonders of the world; not a sole around except for Tracy and our good friend, Lorraine. The feeling of grandeur and awe that I experienced that morning always returns when I view this image.


Sunrise at Horseshoe BendSunrise at Horseshoe Bend

Thanks to our friend Lorraine, I am able to show you how the image was made:

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"Piering" At The Pacific I'll admit....I am fascinated with piers. It doesn't matter the size, shape, color or location, I simply love photographing piers. The image below was made on Manhattan Beach in California in the late afternoon as the sun was setting. I took a bunch of shots where I set up alongside of the pier but my favorites, by far, were the ones captured underneath. I generally avoid symmetrical compositions but this is one of those instances where symmetry is a must. The photograph below is from that afternoon of shooting. I really like the ethereal glow of the sun against the supports of the pier and how it highlights the texture of the columns.


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The Essence of Youth...... In my mind, there is no other image in my portfolio that captures the essence of youth like the one below. This is another instance of serendipity entering into the photographic experience and I just love when this happens.  This image was captured on the tiny island of Burano, which lies just off of the coast of Venice, Italy.  While walking along a street of brightly colored buildings, I noticed 2 very young girls playing and laughing in front of me. With camera in hand, I focused on these kids hoping for a nice composition to develop in my viewfinder. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, another young girl skips past me and turns down the alleyway that is right next to me. As she turned, I followed her with my camera and only had enough time to click off 3 frames. The photo below is the only one that came out and boy did I feel lucky when I viewed the photos on my computer later that evening. The negative space of the shadow and the blue wall create a frame of the girl. The light beautifully accentuates the flowing dress and what a coincidence that the color of the dress actually matches the blue wall perfectly. The crumbling area of the wall adds a dimension of timelessness. The skipping and bouncing hair of the girl creates such a wonderful carefree vibe. Whenever I view this image, the feeling always be young again!!!


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When Serendipity Strikes..... Decisions need to be made when contemplating making a photograph....where to shoot, what to include in the composition, the angle, best time of the day, etc. Making photographs requires planning and thought.....OK, there's a big BUT coming! BUT, most of my favorite images in my portfolio were not planned at all but rather the result of pure serendipity...just plain being at the right place at the right time. The image below is a perfect example. I had planned a shot in New York City. I wanted to photograph the Brooklyn Bridge and Lower Manhattan as the sun was setting and then into the "blue hour". I also wanted to shoot at this time so that my photograph included the lights on on the bridge and in Manhattan. In order to capture the image the way I had envisioned, I needed to shoot from halfway across the Manhattan Bridge. I began my walk across the Manhattan Bridge very late in the afternoon so that I had enough time to set up and be prepared as the sun dipped below Manhattan. I wasn't more than 100 yards into the walk when this remarkable scene appeared to the right and below me. Wow! I was not expecting this composition. It turned out that the sun was in the perfect spot as well, bathing the scene in perfect lighting. I've titled this image, "Rooftop Graffiti" for obvious reasons. Here you go:



Here is the photograph that was actually planned for that evening:


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Tranquility at Matheson I woke up early this morning and decided to make good use of this great time of the year in Miami. I headed out to Matheson Hammock Park with Tracy for some sunrise shooting. I have photographed here so many times that I decided to find something with a little different perspective. While walking around the edge of the water, I found this palm frond which I thought might make an interesting foreground, especially once the sun cast its glow across the water. The palm frond gave off a beautiful warm ethereal glow as the sun peered over the horizon casting its light across the water. I also like the curve of the water's edge as it creates a long leading line bringing you through the image.


]]> (Curt Rosner Photography) florida glow matheson hammock miami palm frond palm trees sunrise water Sun, 25 Mar 2018 15:06:51 GMT
A Morning of the Equinox This is the weekend of the Equinox. During the Equinox, the sun rises through the middle of the boat basin at The Charles Deering Estate. This was sheer genius on the part of the architect of the Deering Estate if you ask me! I got up early this morning with Tracy and ran over to Deering for a sunrise shoot. It was a beautiful morning as the air was crisp and there was beautiful color on the horizon. Here is one of the images from this morning's shoot and I hope it helps to make your day.

A Morning of the Equinox

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Historical Courtroom 6-1: A Miami-Dade Landmark While aimlessly searching the internet recently, I came across an article that discussed the Miami-Dade County Courthouse. It caught my attention and I began to read about the fascinating history of this building. It was first opened to the public in 1928 and towered over every other building in Miami at that time. In fact, it was the tallest building south of Baltimore when it was built. As I read further, I became intrigued with the most famous courtroom that resides in the building, Courtroom 6-1. This courtroom was the venue for some very notable trials in the history of our country. In 1930, Al "Scarface" Capone was tried for perjury and was found innocent. In 1933, Guiseppe Zangara, who attempted to assassinate  President-elect Franklin Roosevelt at Miami's Bayfront Park, was tried in this courtroom and sentenced to 80 years in prison. Judge Collins, who presided over these two cases, was tried in Courtroom 6-1 in 1935 for bribery and embezzlement.  As I read further, I learned that a restoration project took place several years ago and 6-1 was restored to its original regal appearance.  Well, this is all that I needed to read and I put the wheels in motion to visit and photograph 6-1. The courtroom is open to the public, but in order to photograph...well, I found there were a number of hoops that I had to jump through for this opportunity. It took some time to go through the right channels to gain access to the courtroom for photographing, but I was able to do so last week and off I went. Here are a few images from my trip to Courtroom 6-1:




My take: Although I'm not an attorney, I was certainly able to appreciate the beauty and elegance of the courtroom. The attention to detail sets this apart from most courtrooms in Miami-Dade County. The plaster walls, candelabras, ornate beams and detailed millwork all fuse together to create an impressive judicial setting where one can just feel that justice will prevail. Don't you love the juxtaposition of the computer monitor on Judge Jennifer Bailey's bench which is surrounded by the very traditional classic motif?


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8 Most Instagram Worthy Spots In Miami Sunrise in Pink at Deering EstateSunrise in Pink at Deering Estate


I was recently contacted by The Loews Hotel on Miami Beach to collaborate and provide them with content for a post to their blog on the most Instagram worthy spots in Miami. I was flattered by the offer and went to work right away. The post was just published so check it out..... 

The Loews Hotel Miami Beach--8 Most Instagram Worthy Spots in Miami

Enjoy Veterans Day Weekend!






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In the Words of the Beatles...Here Comes the Sun..... I felt motivated this morning and headed over to Deering Estate to shoot the sunrise. Today was not an ordinary sunrise, though, as this is the time for the September equinox. Magically, the sun rises right in the center of the boat basin in the back of Deering Estate (something tells me this is no coincidence....) during the equinox. Here is one of my images from this morning. You just can't beat a great sunrise to start your day..... 


Equinox in the MorningEquinox in the Morning

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Acorn Street at Dusk While in Boston this past July, I sought out a few photo opportunities that were off the beaten path of most visitors. I've posted one of my favorite findings below. This is Acorn Street.... a narrow cobblestone residential street in the Beacon Hill area of Boston. You certainly don't find streets like this in my hometown of Miami! I think that the yellow cast from the incandescent street lamps creates a beautiful ethereal glow. Shooting this image from a low position and keeping the cobblestone street in the center of the image brings your eye all the way down the street. Shooting this during the blue hour provides a cool feeling that plays off of the artificial lighting quite well. Those are my insights about the image. What are your thoughts?


]]> (Curt Rosner Photography) acorn street beacon hill blue hour boston brick brick building buildings cobblestone street cobblestones massachusetts street lamps Thu, 14 Sep 2017 03:25:20 GMT
Samuel Beckett Bridge in Colors One of the first images on my list to capture in Dublin was the Samuel Beckett Bridge during the blue hour. Well, what you see in this post is the result. The Liffey River runs through the eastern part of Dublin and there are a series of bridges along the river that connect both sides of the city. The Samuel Beckett Bridge is one of the most unique of all of the bridges. The bridge itself is a very modern structure and I think that a photograph of this bridge must also include the very modern convention centre. The convention centre is the building with the neon lights seen through the support structure of the bridge. I slowed down the shutter speed and timed the picture so as to capture the streak of the car lights, and, in doing so, created a sense of motion in the image. As far as timing that night...well, let's just say I didn't quite do my homework. Sunset was at around 10 PM that evening so I arrived at location around 9:00 to set up. It was in the month of June and not only was sunset late, but the blue hour was even later than normal. The blue hour finally arrived about an hour and a half after sunset and I began shooting well over two hours after arriving.....I think it was worth the wait!


]]> (Curt Rosner Photography) blue hour bridge colors dublin ireland liffey river neon lights samuel beckett bridge Sun, 03 Sep 2017 23:17:09 GMT
Manhattan Painted in Blue This is a photograph that was on my bucket list to capture for many years. I was finally able to cross it off of the list in the summer of 2016. The evening was perfect with a very gentle breeze and no one in my surroundings. When I see this image, I am immediately reminded of the tranquility of that evening. I set up the shot and began clicking away and I recall feeling that this was the only place to be on earth at that moment in time. I think that the blue cast in the photograph really helps to create this incredibly peaceful mood. This is one of my favorite images of Ne York City. 



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The Long Room-Magic in Dublin, Ireland As I entered this remarkable place, I had to put down the camera gear and just gaze at the grandeur of my surroundings. I had seen many photos of The Long Room prior to my visit but, quite frankly, photos just don't do this space justice. This is simply one of those places that one must experience in real life. The first thing that impressed me wasn't actually the length of the room but rather its perfect symmetry. The beautiful warm side lighting from each row of bookshelves was the next thing that made this such a special room. The Long Room did present some challenges as far as photographing. The length of the room, the dark ceiling, the strong side lighting all contributed in making this a difficult image to make. 

]]> (Curt Rosner Photography) books dublin ireland. library the long room trinity college Mon, 21 Aug 2017 02:52:38 GMT