I am a CPA by profession and photography has been my passion for over forty years. What I enjoy the most about photography is the way in which it has taught me to see the world. Street photography, landscapes and people are the genres I enjoy shooting the most. When I gaze through the viewfinder of my camera, I instantly see the world in a different context. Photography has become a means of expression for me; providing me with a sense of place and a medium to tell a story. In making a photograph, I attempt to capture the moment in a way that creatively conveys my emotions, feelings and opinions to the viewer. From a point of introspection, I measure the quality of my work based on how a photograph makes me feel long after the image was made; does the image allow me to re-live the moment or perhaps feel something new? If the answer is yes, then I know I have achieved my goal. However, having developed a critical eye, self-evaluation can be quite humbling in and of itself. I am continually re-evaluating my work and pushing to produce better images. For me, photography is truly a journey…..

Thank you for spending time on my web site. My only wish is that you find at least one image in my portfolio that either invokes an emotion, creates a sense of connection, or is provocative in some way. If this occurs, then I have fulfilled a lofty goal.